Finding a laptop for your radio studies 2017

December 3, 2016 Radio Man 0

Radio broadcasting requires a laptop in order to learn the trade and the sweet science that is radio broadcasting. Your laptop can dictate how well you doing your studies which is why it’s important to have the best absolute laptop for your requirements. The laptop market has been changing over the years an you can actually find something fairly cheap that is pretty darn powerful. My recommendation first is to speak to your professor and ask him what laptop you should get for your studies. My vices to talk to your professor. Begin semester so you will not get flustered as time goes by. When it comes the laptop brands my best piece of advice is to stick with Apple. Apple laptops have been some of the best laptops made today and it will last you for quite sometime. My old MacBook has been running close to eight years now and shows no signs of breakage where my Asus laptop died on me the first two years.


The quality of differences is evident and I recommend going apple if you you have the cash and funds to afford their awsome yet pricey laptop. One thing apple laptops do well is their compatibility with music and mixing software. However, if you are a broke college student just like I was 15 years ago that I would recommend opting for a budget laptop. You can nab yourself a budget laptop that’ll last you just as long as an Apple laptop for fractional price. Laptop manufacturers are now releasing budget gaming laptops for a reduced priced. These budget laptops are designed for gaming and are advertise as a cheaper means of playing video games on a laptop. If you were to go back five years ago, gaming on a laptop was seen as very expensive and not worth. Manufactures of change that International offering a cheaper solution. How this relates to radio studies is simple. If a gaming laptop can run an intensive game then a simple radio software Will be run with skis. For example, this website is dedicated too affordable gaming laptops under 500: Each and everyone of these laptops will run all of your radio study program. Make sure we don’t reviews about the laptop before making a purchase. The program is used in radio broadcasting and radio studies is not a very intensive which means that you will have a ton of options.

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Radio Jamaica Limited

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 Radio Jamaica is a radio network in Jamaica that covers general news, the radio network is owned by Radio Jamaica Limited and also has a website presented in English.  Radio Jamaica Limited radio stations have provided news and current affairs, extensive sporting coverage, entertaining music, as well as a liberal dash of informative and educational programs.   Touching people’s lives and providing the Jamaican people with informative news has been both the mission and heritage of Radio Jamaica Limited.  Embodied in their overall vision is the aim to be the Read More

Why A Clock Radio Can still Be Useful in 2016

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Alarm clocks are types of clock that make an alarm sound on a specified time. These types of clocks are mostly used to wake people up from sleep or are sometimes used as reminders. If you want to be roused from sleep by the sound of a radio, you should acquire a clock radio. Clock radios are clocks that are incorporated with radio alarms. Most of the modern alarm clocks these days have a radio alarm feature. On a specified time, the radio is activated. The advantage of these types Read More

Playboy-Satellite-Radio: An in depth look

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As we can see, satellite radio is no longer a field reserved for a very small group – anyone with enough interest and financial power can participate in the digital radio revolution. Playboy Satellite Radio is one of the newest and most dynamic radio channels you can access on satellite broadcasting. Since it was launched in March of 2006, the Playboy Satellite Radio has been a huge success. Today, as Christie Hefner recently announced on the air, Playboy Satellite Radio boasts a number of over one million subscribers on the Read More

Building Radio controlled toys and why its an amazing hobby

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Radio controlled toys have gained a massive following over the years. The concept is certainly a fun one and an amazing hobby to have – a miniature model of some real-life vehicle, fully functional which is ready to get around and on the go. There are many different types of radio controlled hobbie with various aspects that seperates them. All it takes is basic knowledge of the radio equipment and the motors, some fundamentals and then you can enjoy all of them in some way or another. The most basic Read More

The Radio City Music Hall In New York

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There’s always something happening in New York City. When you decide to take a vacation there you really need to pick and choose where you’ll spend your days. It would take weeks to see everything so it’s a good idea to plan an itinerary early. You’ll also want to consider buying tickets to any shows or bus tours before you leave home. Ticket prices are higher at the actual venue and so planning ahead can save a small fortune. This same philosophy holds true whether you are seeing a Broadway Read More

MTV and The Radio

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When I was a teenager, it took a lot to peel me away from watching MTV music videos. I loved music, and I couldn’t get enough of the flashy videos and the larger than life musicians that populated them. Radio stations would play a ton of MTV music and that got people glued on the radio. Back then I use to love driving around with the windows down jamming MTV music a very powerful car subwoofer that would make people notice. As time went on though, it became more and more apparent that though the M in MTV stood for music, it wasn’t really their main focus. After a while, I saw less and less music, and more and more game shows. I can’t even watch the station today, though I am aware that I am now out of their target age group.

Today, MTV music isn’t want it used to be, if you can find it at all. Barely any radio stations play content that comes from MTV. Their schedule is full of reality shows and specials, and finding actually music videos is hard to do. Even worse, the MTV music of today seem to be nothing more than noise, though I guess that just makes me old right? Most of it I wouldn’t even label as music, but I am aware that this is just my opinion. I know that those who are younger than me enjoy it; it’s just not for me. Inbetween the music ads were commercials that were somewhat music related like an ad for the 12 best subwoofer amplifiers for your car or truck which justified their consent blaring of advertisement.

I haven’t thought a lot about MTV music videos in a long time, but I have started to think about it again. The impact it once had was gone and its no surprise radio stations exclude mtv content. My daughter is getting older and even though I hate the thought of it, I know she will outgrow groups like the Wiggles soon enough, and she will be listening to music that is made for older kids. What scares me is that I can’t find any MTV music videos that I would really want her watching. I guess you could call me over protective, but I think kids are growing up way to fast, and I want her to enjoy the freedom of childhood for as long as she can before she is aware of things like sex and trying to act and look older.

The content of most of the MTV music videos makes my skin crawl. Women have come a long way in the past decades, yet you would never know it by watching some of these videos. Self respect seems to have flown out the window, but to be fair, this has always been the case with most of the MTV music videos that have come and gone in the past. I guess it just seems to be getting worse, and the depravity seems to have gotten worse. I don’t want her identifying with these women. I know I can’t keep her from seeing it forever, but I hope I can hold her off long enough to show her how a real woman should live. It is evident why radio stations choose to exclude much of MTV’s content due to the way its become. .

Dont believe me? Heres an example:

The 10 Most popular Radio Stations in the United States today

June 23, 2016 Radio Man 0

The radio has been a part of the united states culture for a very long time. Our forfathers basically grew up with the radio and is literally a part of our countries origin and culture. The radio industry has vastly changed from the 1950s and today. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular radio stations in the united states today:   1. WHTZ-FM: Z-100 located in New York   2.  KIIS-FM: 102.7 KIIS-FM located inLos Angeles   3.   WBMP-FM: 92.3 AMP Radio located in New York Read More