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Radio Jamaica Limited

October 16, 2016 Radio Man 0

 Radio Jamaica is a radio network in Jamaica that covers general news, the radio network is owned by Radio Jamaica Limited and also has a website presented in English.  Radio Jamaica Limited radio stations have provided news and current affairs, extensive sporting coverage, entertaining music, as well as a liberal dash of informative and educational programs.   Touching people’s lives and providing the Jamaican people with informative news has been both the mission and heritage of Radio Jamaica Limited.  Embodied in their overall vision is the aim to be the Read More


Why A Clock Radio Can still Be Useful in 2016

September 16, 2016 Radio Man 0

Alarm clocks are types of clock that make an alarm sound on a specified time. These types of clocks are mostly used to wake people up from sleep or are sometimes used as reminders. If you want to be roused from sleep by the sound of a radio, you should acquire a clock radio. Clock radios are clocks that are incorporated with radio alarms. Most of the modern alarm clocks these days have a radio alarm feature. On a specified time, the radio is activated. The advantage of these types Read More


Playboy-Satellite-Radio: An in depth look

August 22, 2016 Radio Man 0

As we can see, satellite radio is no longer a field reserved for a very small group – anyone with enough interest and financial power can participate in the digital radio revolution. Playboy Satellite Radio is one of the newest and most dynamic radio channels you can access on satellite broadcasting. Since it was launched in March of 2006, the Playboy Satellite Radio has been a huge success. Today, as Christie Hefner recently announced on the air, Playboy Satellite Radio boasts a number of over one million subscribers on the Read More


Building Radio controlled toys and why its an amazing hobby

July 22, 2016 Radio Man 0

Radio controlled toys have gained a massive following over the years. The concept is certainly a fun one and an amazing hobby to have – a miniature model of some real-life vehicle, fully functional which is ready to get around and on the go. There are many different types of radio controlled hobbie with various aspects that seperates them. All it takes is basic knowledge of the radio equipment and the motors, some fundamentals and then you can enjoy all of them in some way or another. The most basic Read More


The Radio City Music Hall In New York

July 6, 2016 Radio Man 0

There’s always something happening in New York City. When you decide to take a vacation there you really need to pick and choose where you’ll spend your days. It would take weeks to see everything so it’s a good idea to plan an itinerary early. You’ll also want to consider buying tickets to any shows or bus tours before you leave home. Ticket prices are higher at the actual venue and so planning ahead can save a small fortune. This same philosophy holds true whether you are seeing a Broadway Read More


MTV and The Radio

July 5, 2016 Radio Man 0

When I was a teenager, it took a lot to peel me away from watching MTV music videos. I loved music, and I couldn’t get enough of the flashy videos and the larger than life musicians that populated them. Radio stations would play a ton of MTV music and that got people glued on the radio. Back then I use to love driving around with the windows down jamming MTV music a very powerful car subwoofer that would make people notice. As time went on though, it became more and more apparent that though the M in MTV stood for music, it wasn’t really their main focus. After a while, I saw less and less music, and more and more game shows.


The 10 Most popular Radio Stations in the United States today

June 23, 2016 Radio Man 0

The radio has been a part of the united states culture for a very long time. Our forfathers basically grew up with the radio and is literally a part of our countries origin and culture. The radio industry has vastly changed from the 1950s and today. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular radio stations in the united states today:   1. WHTZ-FM: Z-100 located in New York   2.  KIIS-FM: 102.7 KIIS-FM located inLos Angeles   3.   WBMP-FM: 92.3 AMP Radio located in New York Read More